Sheriff Candidate Kris Palmer “Scott Jones 2.0”

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Kris Palmer wants to be your next Sheriff

Handpicked by Sheriff Scott Jones
… who has recently been revoking CCW licenses without cause

Kris Palmer says “I don’t see changing a whole heck of a lot” (SacBee 10/26/2017)
A carpetbagger, Placer County resident Kris Palmer needs a lesson
on the voting strength of the 2A community

In the words of his mentor, Scott Jones I think the best predictor of future conduct is past behavior. So, look at our past behavior” – Scott Jones

Here’s a look at the Sacramento Sheriff’s department past behavior:
1. Over the past year hundreds of CCW licenses have been arbitrarily revoked without cause
2. No credible appeals process allowed, only a general “no longer qualified” reason
3. CCW licensees are ramping up for a federal court case against the Department
4. Gun groups are withdrawing their support for Scott Jones & his replacements
5. A flood of sex scandals and “culture of retaliation” proven against the department
– According to court records in a 6-week jury trial that ended in May, 2016
– (Case 34-2010-00091514, Hagadorn v. Sacramento Sheriff’s Department)
Sexual harassment and discrimination towards female deputies
Fake overtime & falsification of official department records
Retaliatory investigations
Racial discrimination
– “Intimacy” in the office
Preferential treatment for female deputies giving ‘favors’ to superiors
Conspiracy to alter records
Misappropriation of public resources

“There’s such a culture of retaliation and fear, there are so many people that are scared,” Deputy Dawn Douglas said.

“We found a lot of retaliation,” juror Sheryl Daverio told Sacramento Bee reporter Darrell Smith.

Women triumph over Sheriff’s Department’s ‘bro culture.’ Too bad we have to pay for it (SacBee 5/3/2017)  This $3.6 million lawsuit, brought by female deputies, also cost an addition $5.3 million in court-ordered attorneys fees for Plaintiffs, and $1.5 million for Defendant (County) attorneys, for a whopping total $10.4 million payout by Sacramento Taxpayers.

Sheriff Scott Jones accused of unwelcome sexual advances toward deputy (SacBee 7/14/2016)  Another female deputy claimed Sheriff Jones (then a Captain, married, and a father of 4) allegedly caressed and massaged her shoulders, reached his hand down her shirt, and grabbed her between her legs according to records.  The two eventually parted ways, but a few years later Sheriff Jones sent her an email, trying to rekindle things, but she rebuffed his advancements.  Calling him “toxic”, she demanded that he never contact her again.  More info

A sharp censure for Sheriff Scott Jones and company (SacBee 5/29/2016) A Sacramento County jury ruled against the “culture of retaliation” within the Sheriff’s Department in a way no local elected official would dare, sizing up Sheriff Scott Jones and the top men in the hierarchy below him and saying: “We don’t believe you”.

We don’t need more of the same!  Our next Sheriff needs to be someone who is going to reform the culture of corruption within the Sheriff’s Department.